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Welcome to my carrel!

A carrel is a small working space in a library, often in the library stacks, where you can collect books and papers that you're working on. In many research libraries, carrels may be assigned to a specific student or faculty member and books can be checked out to the carrel. Someone working on a long term research project can put together a collection of books that will be useful for the project. However, since the carrel is within the library, the books are still available for use by other scholars.

It can be fun to look at other people's bookshelves and guess what they're working on.

This is the concept behind my carrel. It is a place for me collect work that is useful to my projects, but one that also makes the collection available to other scholars who may be interested in similar work.

PR1490 - PR1799 (Old English Literature)

PR1803 - PR2165 (Middle English Literature)

PR2199 - PR3195 (Early Modern English Literature)

PR3291 - PR3785 (Eighteenth Century English Literature)

Z1001 - Z8999 (Bibliographies and Links)

Reference (General Reference)

Updated 3 May 2011.

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